FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


What’s so different about your program?

Because my program uses 4 modes of improvement while others use only 1, I also use “True” optimal Plyometrics while the others do not. That is a huge difference. I found that out personally. See “My Story- Authors Bio” for details.  I am very respectful of the other programs, and there is nothing wrong them. I have used and tested most of them and gotten some results.  My program combines the 2 Modes of the other programs and adds in 2 additional and crucial Modes not found in the others, and combines it all into the JumpingAdvantage™  program. So you don’t have to buy 10 or 20 programs, or worry about not getting results because you bought the wrong one.


You’re also getting much key information that is not even covered in the other programs. Information such as really in depth strength training, which is so key for improving jumping for many athletes. Other programs don’t even mention it or mention it in a brief sentence such as “to get even better results you might want to do squats too, it will help.” Plus when you order now, you’re also getting the bonus materials that multiply the effectiveness and value of the program 10 fold.


Your price is so low, why don’t you charge more?

The bonus books will soon only be offered separately for $12.95 to $39.95 each so the current extremely low package price will be a thing of the past. Currently, because our price is low relative to value, we are maximizing volume and passing on a good price to the player. Plus, we're helping out a lot of players this way and building a huge loyal following of customers for repeat business, for when we introduce additional innovative products to our customer base and Inner Circle.


I don’t have a credit card, what kind of payment do you accept?

We offer very convenient billing options. In addition to credit cards and debit cards, we also accept checks and phone number billing online for instant downloading. You may also mail a money order or check to us as well. Make sure to include your email address and we'll email you your own personal download access password.


Why does it come as an eBook?

Because it allows you to get the information now without waiting for the mail. I know how it is waiting weeks for shipping and handling to get started. Because it also keeps our costs down and allows us to offer the product at the absolute lowest price to the customer, passing the savings on to you. For those who want something in their hands we are currently working out the details to also print and sell each book separately.


Your Guarantee is so strong! Aren’t you afraid of getting ripped off?

No, for several reasons. 1) Because I believe athletes are extremely honest people and aren’t trying to rip people off. I like athletes, I was an athlete and most of my friends are athletes. Athletes are good people. Most athletes believe in the saying “what goes around comes around.” 2) Because our customers realize they are getting way more value than they paid for. When you see the many techniques and tips and the volume of materials you get you will understand the value. We have a near zero return rate, so our experience proves the theories correct. I'm sure you're going to agree.


Why aren't there a lot of ads and banners selling other stuff on your site?

My site is meant to educate and inform you of the information that is available and the benefits it can provide you. I'm not trying to get anyone to click on porn or gambling sites etc. just so I can scrape out a few more bucks. I sincerely hope that my experiences will serve to help you in many ways. I know I'm not the best writer in the world so I'd really like to thank you for taking the time to read my web page.


I invite you to bookmark the main page and come back often to check for updates and new features. I'm testing new programs on a daily basis and will continue to post my findings on this web page. If you have any thoughts or comments regarding my or your experiences I'd love to hear them. If I could ever get any better at HTML, I'd like to have a discussion board on here so everyone can post their own ideas and share information. Maybe some other stuff too. If you've got any ideas or suggestions about that, please let me know.  Thanks and best of luck!